Providing Outreach Services Across Cape Cod

Access to health care is difficult for people who struggle with transportation, who have medical, mental health or substance abuse issues, or who cannot find a health care provider they can trust. Our mission is to help those most at risk for homelessness or housing instability. Our Outreach staff offer a warm welcome along with health care services and benefits enrollment assistance.

Duffy's clinical staff go where the patients are! Twice per week, a medical team sets up shop at St. Joseph's House to provide access to services for persons who struggle in the traditional medical setting. Wireless technology allows staff to enroll individuals into state health insurance plans, to access patients' electronic medical records, and to connect to the Duffy Health Center. We work closely with service providers in each area to make sure Cape Codders are connected to resources in the community.

Duffy Street Outreach workers are our "feet on the street," working with law enforcement, state agencies, and homeless providers to engage persons in treatment and services. We never quit, it may take days, weeks or months to get someone off of the street. We never know when someone will be ready. When they are, we are there. 


Time Well Spent

“We bring the homeless compassion, encouragement and hope every week in the heat, rain and snow.”

Daniel McCullough
Team M25