Leadership Team

Board of Directors


Keith Benoit
Leslie Dominguez-Santos
Michael E. Foley, Esq.
Jeffrey Haddad
Susan Harrington
Bonnie L. Loedel, Esq.
Chester H. Mohr, MD
Richard N. Smillie
Martha Taylor
Corrie Vilsaint, Ph.D.


Mary Rahal, President
Kathleen Bresette, Vice President
John Murphy, Treasurer
Andrew L. Singer, Esq., Clerk

Honorary Directors

Herbert Mathewson, MD
Neil Ringler, DDS

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Consumer Advisory Board

Representing Community Voices

The Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) is an appointed group of Consumers whose input is sought for strategic and operations improvement purposes on an ongoing basis. The primary mission of the CAB is to facilitate open communication between Duffy Health Center leadership and Consumers.

The CAB is a crucial source of insights about Consumer issues and concerns and service requirements from Duffy.  Members have the opportunity to influence decision-making at the highest levels of Duffy and to experience meaningful interaction with peers.