Mental Health Treatment

Encouraging Important Changes in Lifestyle Behaviors  

Over the years, Duffy has been meeting the needs of not only homeless persons but others at risk of homelessness. Many of these individuals have chronic disabilities including mental health and/or substance abuse disorders; many suffer from trauma and co-occurring disorders. Others have experienced domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, prior history of incarceration and tenuous or temporary housing situations. Many have given up hope.

When these individuals begin to address their underlying mental health conditions and/or addictions, they begin to understand the importance of attending to chronic medical conditions. For this reason, Duffy has made a concerted effort over the past three years to expand its mental health and substance abuse services as part of its integrated care model at its health center and in the community by collaborating with other agencies and community health centers in an effort to strengthen a continuum of behavioral health care. Initiated as part of a state pilot program, Duffy's Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program now has the capacity to serve over 400 individuals.

Services include:

  • Psychiatric services
  • Individual and group counseling
  • In-depth assessment and risk reduction education
  • Treatment, education, recovery and support
  • MAT program with concurrent behavioral health therapy

Behavioral Health Program

Treatment of both mental health and addiction disorders is part of the integrated care we provide onsite at Duffy Health Center. Our mental health and addiction services range from medical management of psychiatric disorders to education and recovery support. Our staff’s training in trauma-informed care ensures that patients receive exceptional treatment for their mental health and addiction issues.

Supporting the Journey

Staff work closely with clients to identify triggers, manage anxiety and depression, and encourage small but important changes in lifestyle and behaviors. Using this knowledge empowers clients to understand their challenges, modify their actions, and achieve realistic goals for themselves. We work with clients on an individual and group basis through the stages of change and provide an array of supports as they undertake their journey.

Download PDF of Behavioral Health Program.

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Valuable Resource

“Duffy helps us manage patients who are likely to rebound to the Emergency Room and those best served by a Primary Care provider.”

John Person
Social Services, Cape Cod Hospital Emergency Room