Benefits Enrollment

Making Enrollment Part of the Therapeutic Process

The focus of the Duffy Health Center Benefits program is to strengthen the enrollment process for our client populations – adults experiencing homelessness and those at risk of homelessness. Benefits enrollment is the foundation of Duffy wraparound services, whether enrollment occurs at our health center or at agencies that offer us outreach space.

Benefits coordination is a critical component when assisting our target population, which has complex medical conditions that may include mental health, substance abuse, and cognitive disorders.

Our Benefits Coordinators have a skillful and nuanced approach to offering positive support while getting these clients the benefits they deserve. Enrollment becomes part of the therapeutic process as clients see themselves encouraged instead of being judged or patronized. An initial conversation about insurance often leads to referrals for housing, detox, counseling, and other services – and continued engagement with Duffy and other mainstream resources.

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Meeting the Needs

“I have collaborated with Duffy on many community health projects and have always been pleased by their level of excellence and ability to recruit the necessary partners to get the job done.”

Lissette Blondet, EdM
Director of Community Benefits, Cape Cod Healthcare